(Professor) David T. Gies: Perpetual Teacher and Loyal Friend

By Mark Del Mastro

As a new graduate student at the University of Virginia in August 1989, my first encounter with “Professor Gies” was at his fall, annual welcome-back picnic for faculty and graduate students. From that moment forward to the present, he has remained a generous teacher, counselor and friend. I have been fortunate to work with him in many contexts to include the AIH, Sigma Delta Pi, and the AATSP, and I will be forever grateful for his continual guidance and advice on a myriad of professional topics, and I will always admire his tenacious optimism. Knowing David, “retirement” will only be from his official post at UVA, but his feverish pace on both personal and professional levels will undoubtedly continue for many years to come. I wish him and Janna the best during this new chapter in their wonderful lives.
Mark P. Del Mastro
Chair and Professor, Hispanic Studies
College of Charleston

July 6, 2017, Dr. David T. Gies at far right with fellow members of Sigma Delta Pi’s Orden de Don Quijote (left to right) Mark P. Del Mastro, Bill VanPatten, Domnita Dumitrescu and Benjamin Fraser during the Sigma Delta Pi reception at the AATSP conference in Chicago.


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