“Ovación de Pie”

By Stephen Cushman

Ovación de Pie

It’s tough to praise our knighted David
When in Spain his name’s engravèd
But doesn’t rhyme, except with aphid
Sort of. If only he would go by Dave,
Then these praises would behave
And more reviews of him could rave
In tune, happy that they gave it
Thumbs-up best on affidavit.
Or we could make a go with Davy,
Dean of our deep-water navy,
Shipboard Jefe and pure gravy
To work for at sea, calm or wavy.
But though we want our praises avid,
No such luck. We’re stuck with David.

Enough about him; let’s talk about Janna,
Who wears the pants, top banana
As is known in warm Havana
Same as frozen Bozeman, Montana.
Queen of Holdem in Texarkana,
Compared to her a Pollyanna
Is downright depressive. Sing hosanna,
Hallelujah, for the manna
She is to us and for the spice
She sprinkles on their zesty slice
Of Charlottesville, that paradise
For the newly retired. Mighty nice
May it continue and suffice
Abundantly our friends named Gies.

Stephen Cushman
January 2, 2018


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