UVA Networks of Enlightenment

By Cynthia Wall

In October 2003, David and I started the university-wide XVIII Study Group, bringing faculty (from Architecture, American Studies, Art and Art History, English, French, German, History, Italian, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Spanish, and the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies) together once a semester to share current work in the eighteenth century. Or rather, the eighteenth centuries–since that collaboration produced a wonderful two-day seminar in March 2013 for our tenth anniversary, and a book we co-edited from that seminar, The Eighteenth Centuries: Global Networks of Enlightenment, published January 2018 by the University of Virginia Press. For the Study Group, we had two firm rules: (1) NO HOMEWORK, and (2), PLENTY OF WINE. David has always been a joy as a colleague, his unbounded energy and optimism contagious, lifting all our spirits. David and Janna frequently hosted my partner Paul Hunter and me, plying us with food and drink as David and I scribbled notes at their kitchen table and Paul and Janna added wit and wisdom. David, I will deeply miss you as a colleague, but Paul and I both plan to delight in the friendship of you and Janna for aeons to come. –Much love from Cindy and Pablo!

Anicet Charles Gabriel Lemonnier, A Reading in the Salon of Mme Geoffrin, 1755

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