David Gies, Academic Dean, Semester at Sea Fall, 2010

By Judy McLeod

On a warm, bright summer afternoon, 2009 at a shade-dappled café on Charlottesville’s Mall over a glass of smooth red wine, David, with Janna’s smiling concurrence, hired me as Studio Art Faculty for Semester At Sea, Fall 2010 voyage.

David’s bright smile and twinkling eyes as he stated “well, fine, let’s do it” brought me joy and changed my life momentously, forever. Several Semester at Sea voyages later, I am eternally grateful to David for enthusiastically initiating this wonderful phase of my life.

I have come to know that David’s inspiration and leadership as Semester at Sea Academic Dean is, actually, deep and pervasive in all parts of his life. David sets sights high whilst he inspires and challenges all folks around him with his ebullience and brilliance. It is always a grand pleasure to encounter David.  I am grateful and I am always honored and I remain inspired.  Thank you David

Judy McLeod

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