Future students don’t know what they will be missing

By Iana Konstantinova

Dear David,

Congratulations on your retirement. I will never forget your enthusiasm and energy in class. Your teaching style completely inspired me to try and be like you in the classroom. Even though I only audited your class, it was one of the most impactful classes on me from graduate school.
Two years ago at the AIH, you introduced me to Rosa Montero. I had just started working on a paper about her (which was recently published in a special issue of Letras Hispanas) and was overjoyed to be meeting her in person. Thank you for that introduction. And thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us. Future students don’t know what they will be missing, but your influence will continue for generations as those of us you have inspired seek to inspire others.
I hope you enjoy retirement and look forward to seeing travel photos from your and Janna’s new adventures.
Thank you for everything.

Warmest wishes,
Iana Konstantinova

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