Dear David and Janna

By Joe Snow

Dear David and Janna
Never a better time than restirement to say THANKS for all you have meant to UVA Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and other UVA programs and activities, entertaining legions of student and being an important part of an International movement in hispanism, the AIH.  In fact I am including a photo of you, David, I took on your last day on the job as President of AIH (in Münster, August2017), having faithfully served since August of 2014 (since your election in Buenos Aires 2014).  You have taught in classrooms on land and sea, done editorial miracles, travelled the world and received many honors but at the same time have compiled a c.v. that shows that your hours at home and in the office and at the library were usefully spent, as your many readers will attest.
May you both enjoy the days, months and years that stretch out before you in Charlottesville. I wish you the very very best!
Pepe Nieves, a.k.a. Joe Snow

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