“Build it and they will come”

By Cathy Jaffe

“Build it and they will come,” David once said at an ASECS/ISECS meeting in Los Angeles, referring to the state of 18th-century studies. We all know that he played a major role in building the scholarly community dedicated to the Hispanic Enlightenment here in the U.S. and strengthening our ties to our Spanish and Latin American colleagues. But a playing field that dynamic and wide isn’t only built with books, journals, theses, and conferences, all of which David has produced in abundance. I remember particularly his and Janna’s acts of solidarity, collegiality, encouragement, and hospitality over the years. Some particular memories come back: David driving a delighted boy through Charlottesville in his convertible sports car with the top down; sipping wine with David poolside as a boy in borrowed trunks swims against the current in an endless lap pool; touring the UVA campus and downtown Charlottesville while stopping constantly to greet people….  And when you hang around with David, whether in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Atlanta, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cádiz, Oviedo, Madrid, Münster, or Paris, there’s no doubt about it, you have fun! You might wear a wig, dance a fandango or seguidilla, play the slot machines in Las Vegas, go to a reception in a palace, eat at a great restaurant, or have your hand kissed by a duke. Thanks for everything, David, and I hope you keep having fun!

Cathy Jaffe, David, Ana Rueda, ASECS Pittsburgh PA 2016
David, AIH, Münster, 2016

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