Somehow you figured it all out!

By Bob and Maria Chapel

Dear David,

Well I could have waxed a tiny bit sarcastic, as you did about me when you spoke at my retirement party, and asked you what sort of racket you ran to somehow teach less than you traveled over these past number of years (and still pulled down your regular enormous salary) or how you managed the multitude of voyages you and Janna took as UVA’s MISTER SEMESTER AT SEA or WHAT kindled your never-ending happy and positive spirit that made the rest of us look and feel like boring dips and dolts – but I won’t mention any of these things.   They would make me look like Mr. Sour Grapes!

BECAUSE you somehow figured it all out – how to become a true scholar, a true lover of life, a tremendous diplomat for the University of Virginia, an oh so generous philanthropist (I thank you and Heritage thanks you), and one who contributed so very much to not only our school but to the Spanish speaking world and language as well, and, with Janna, a superb and gracious host. AND, to top all of this off, you have, over the years been one of my closest theatre buddies and co-lover of Mr. Sondheim.

Thank you for all your excellent professional advice you have given to me.

Thank you for introducing Maria and me to Central and South America that catapulted us to have the opportunity to go around the world — on a ship no less – something I never thought I would ever do.

Thank you for singing “Leave You” better than I’ve ever heard it sung

But most of all, thank you for just being a GREAT friend and a lot of fun!

We wish you many many days of productivity and enjoyment in your retirement, as we know you really will never ever stop DOING.

We love you and Janna dearly,

Bob and Maria Chapel