There once was a prof named Gies

by Gretchen Shively

As one of David’s four sisters-in-law on Janna’s side of the family, I am writing to add to sister Kristin’s wonderful toast to David. Most of the accolades in this journal have been written by his former students and colleagues as a fabulous tribute to his role as a professor, mentor, and academic leader, of which we are well aware but didn’t experience ourselves. But there’s so much more to David than his abilities as a teacher. He is constantly energetic, funny, upbeat, spirited, caring, kind, and so generous with his time and friendship (and a fabulous cook as well). I’ve never known anyone who can get more done in any single 24-hour period, day after day. We so enjoy participating vicariously in Janna’s and his worldwide travels through his many pictures and reports of places they’ve been. Whenever my husband and I are going to a new part of the world, where David has inevitably already been, we ask for his advice and he writes a long reply with many travel tips, especially about the best restaurants in the area. He has been such a wonderful husband and partner to Janna, which will of course continue in his retirement. Also, on behalf of our 98-year-old mother, I want to express our appreciation to him for how loving and supportive he’s been to her over the years, including the time he took his own mom and ours on a fantastic 10-day trip to all his favorite places in Spain. Welcome to the world of retirement, David. I’m sure you will make the most of it, knowing you!

There once was a prof named Gies
Whose efforts would more than suffice.
He taught Spanish for years
And brought students to tears
With his knowledge of Spain and advice.

He travelled the world far and wide
With students and friends and his bride
He reported his trips
With multiple tips
On places to eat, drink and stride.

But now Gies is going to retire
Do we think he will really aspire?
To sitting at home
And being alone?
More likely he’d rather expire.

He isn’t that sort of man, is he?
Instead he will make us all dizzy
By talking and cooking
And writing and booking
And so he will always be busy.

Happy retirement, David!

From Gretchen and Chuck