David Gies star of short film “Be Deaf Be Dead”

By Karen Van Lengen

David Gies offered to act in a short film that 3rd grader Kiri Van Lengen-Welty made with her teacher John Hunter, Venable Elementary School, (from the World Peace Game fame) in 2003. The film was developed out of a year-long independent project that Kiri took on underJohn’s guidance and our assistance.

The film is based on a study of Hitchcock films that Kiri undertook, then wrote a script for a new short “hitchcockian” film.

The film Title: Be Deaf Be Dead

Plot: It is feared that Terrorists might blow up the Rotunda- so FBI Agent Prezik (David) is hot on the trail of several music students who he suspects are involved in the plot. The title BE DEAF BE DEAD comes from the actual musical notes that are played by a terrorist in her recital at old Cabell Hall in order to send a code to someone in the audience, who will find his instructions from a book of that title, housed in the Rotunda Library.  He does uncover the plot just in time to save the Rotunda and arrest the real terrorists.

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