The embodiment of ebullience at UVA

By Jahan Ramazani

Dear David,

You are the embodiment of ebullience at UVA. Your vibrant enthusiasm, your tremendously strong will, your profound passion—these have made for so many friendships, for brilliant developments in the Spanish Department at UVA, the Faculty Senate, Semester at Sea, the Paramount, and eighteenth-century studies. You have been such a precious and dazzling colleague. The way you do everything with such joy and exuberance helps knock the dust off the grim grind of any committee, any meeting, any endeavor. You have an almost alarming but ultimately endearing way of locking into one-on-one exchange—such intensity of alertness, such wise and incisive questions, such spirited and playful engagement. There’s no one else who does it quite like you. Your shrewd, wise, and incisive questions about the things that truly matter have made a huge difference in my life and no doubt in the lives of many colleagues. Thank you for sharing the brilliant radiance of your heart, your intellect, and your soul with UVA and with all of us. Caroline and Cyrus and Gabriel (pictured on our first excursion on the ship to Turks and Caicos in January of 2009) join me in sending love and showering you and Janna with affectionate good wishes for the next phase.

Jahan Ramazani