Cheers to all your retirement holds!

From the Paramount Theater Staff

The mission of The Paramount Theater of Charlottesville, Inc., is to operate the newly-restored and adapted historic Paramount Theater, located in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, for the artistic, educational, and charitable benefit of its community, including the city of Charlottesville, Albemarle and surrounding counties, and the entire Central Virginia region.
Virginia Tourism Corporation,

January 11, 2018

Congratulations, David and Janna!

We absolutely could not be more thrilled for you as you close out your final academic year and make the transition to retirement! Each and every one of us at the Theater is proud to call you a friend, loyal supporter of The Paramount’s mission, dedicated Board Member, and enthusiastic patron.

During the many years you have volunteered hours of service to The Paramount, we knew what a gem the University of Virginia found with you as a mentor and teacher for the students. Your unwavering enthusiastic support of our events, which you graciously shared with students and colleagues, showed us the confidence you have in our programming efforts. We are honored that our events could add another avenue of arts education for our UVA community. And, we hope along the way, we provided you with the academic thrill of diverse performances on our stage and screen!

The hours and support you have generously given to The Paramount over many years speak to your commitment to local arts in our community. Whether you are hosting Paramount Supporters pre-show making all feel like a treasured guest in your second home, to chatting with performers before the event, or running into performers at the airport (!), you are first to sing the praises of the Theater. We could not ask for a bigger champion for arts at The Paramount Theater than you. Your unwavering enthusiasm for all types of programming is contagious and we are grateful for the many friends you have introduced to the Theater. We are honored to call you our friend.

 Cheers to all your retirement holds! We can’t wait to celebrate with you – and hope to see you even more at The Paramount, now that you will have so much free time!

 The best is yet to come!

Chris Eure, Executive Director
and The Paramount Staff

Robert Benjamin, Technical Operations Manager
Melissa Collins, Marketing Assistant
Nikki Correll, Senior Administrative Assistant
Malcolm Dyson, Front of House Operations Manager
Chris Faulkner, Major Gifts Officer
Maran Garland, Director of Marketing
Gary Green, Audio & Systems Manager
Ian MacLaren, Accounting Assistant
Rosemary Miller, Assistant Director of Development
Ryan Peacher, Systems Specialist
Matthew Simon, Director of Operations and Programming
Eve Stavropoulos, Box Office Manager
Mical Tawney, Event Administrative Assistant
Cathy von Storch, Education and Outreach Manager
Megan Winter, Controller
Cade Wiberg, Front of House Manager

Somehow you figured it all out!

By Bob and Maria Chapel

Dear David,

Well I could have waxed a tiny bit sarcastic, as you did about me when you spoke at my retirement party, and asked you what sort of racket you ran to somehow teach less than you traveled over these past number of years (and still pulled down your regular enormous salary) or how you managed the multitude of voyages you and Janna took as UVA’s MISTER SEMESTER AT SEA or WHAT kindled your never-ending happy and positive spirit that made the rest of us look and feel like boring dips and dolts – but I won’t mention any of these things.   They would make me look like Mr. Sour Grapes!

BECAUSE you somehow figured it all out – how to become a true scholar, a true lover of life, a tremendous diplomat for the University of Virginia, an oh so generous philanthropist (I thank you and Heritage thanks you), and one who contributed so very much to not only our school but to the Spanish speaking world and language as well, and, with Janna, a superb and gracious host. AND, to top all of this off, you have, over the years been one of my closest theatre buddies and co-lover of Mr. Sondheim.

Thank you for all your excellent professional advice you have given to me.

Thank you for introducing Maria and me to Central and South America that catapulted us to have the opportunity to go around the world — on a ship no less – something I never thought I would ever do.

Thank you for singing “Leave You” better than I’ve ever heard it sung

But most of all, thank you for just being a GREAT friend and a lot of fun!

We wish you many many days of productivity and enjoyment in your retirement, as we know you really will never ever stop DOING.

We love you and Janna dearly,

Bob and Maria Chapel