Hands down my favorite professor at UVA

 By Brandi Durkac Farmer
David was hands down my favorite professor at UVA.  His class, Conservation Cinema, was my favorite class across my four years on grounds.  I only wish I had met David sooner in my undergraduate experience.  Although I didn’t have as many years with him as those of you who were fortunate enough to have him as an advisor or colleague, I am very grateful to have connected with him and to have reconnected with him when I returned for visits to Charlottesville over the years.  Now working in university advancement, I am reminded every day of how formative the special relationship between a professor/educator and a student can be!
With gratitude and admiration,
Brandi Durkac Farmer
CLAS 2000
The photo below is of David and me, along with the late Professor Charles Julian Bishko, at my graduation from CLAS in May 2000.  Professor Bishko, or “Julian” as we preferred to call him, was my grandfather’s first cousin and taught at UVA through 1978.  He was a distinguished historian of medieval Iberia.